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Rapid drying furnace ELNAS series ideal for drying moisture-proof agents such as Humiseal

Rapid drying furnace ELNAS series ideal for drying moisture-proof agents such as Humiseal

Rapid drying furnace ELNAS series ideal for drying moisture-proof agents such as Humiseal

The ELNAS series is a rapid drying furnace specialized for rapid drying of moisture-proof agents such as Humiseal.
Applying the heating know-how and technology that our company (Antom), a small reflow specialist manufacturer, has cultivated so far, we have released a transport-type drying oven that enables thorough temperature control.

Especially in recent years, we have succeeded in significantly shortening the drying time of moisture-proof agents such as Humiseal, which are used in many manufacturing sites, and we will contribute to the improvement of productivity efficiency.

The ELNAS series has two models, the ELNAS-250 for M size substrates with a maximum transfer width of 250 mm and the ELNAS-460 for L size substrates with a maximum transfer width of 460 mm, and you can select one according to your substrate size. is possible.

Click here for detailed specification page of ELNAS-250
Click here for detailed specification page of ELNAS-460

Realization of drastic reduction in drying time from natural drying of Humiseal

We often see cases where moisture-proof agents such as Humiseal are naturally dried.
However, natural drying requires a long drying time, and it is necessary to secure a space for natural drying, which is a concern at many sites.
By switching Humiseal’s natural drying to the rapid drying furnace ELNAS series, it is now possible to dry to the touch in 30 seconds instead of 24 hours.

100mm upper and lower part effective height is ensured

The greatest feature of the ELNAS series is that The effective height (clearance) of parts on the conveying surface is secured to 100mm vertically. is.
Moisture-proofing agents such as Humiseal are generally applied to boards already mounted, so it is not uncommon to dry boards with tall components mounted on them.
Therefore, it is difficult to transport with a clearance of about 30mm as in normal reflow.
Since the ELNAS series has a clearance of 100 mm both above and below, it can be used for drying both the front side (A side) and the back side (B side).

Exhaust ducts at entrances and exits provide odor countermeasures

Moisture-proofing agents such as Humiseal are generally used after being diluted with thinner, which inevitably produces a peculiar odor.
To prevent this odor, the ELNAS series Forcibly collects the odor generated by installing an exhaust duct at the entrance and exit of the drying furnace To do.
As a result, even if the substrate is transported to the drying oven with a moisture-proof agent such as Humiseal applied, the odor is gone when the substrate is discharged from the drying oven after several tens of seconds.

An eco-model drying furnace with reduced power consumption

When you think of a drying oven, you may have an image that it consumes a large amount of electricity because it uses heat.
However, as a manufacturer that has specialized in the development and sale of small reflow soldering for many years, we have continued to provide our customers with heating furnaces that consume significantly less power than ordinary heating furnaces.
As a matter of course, this ELNAS series also A model that can reduce power consumption by fully applying our compact reflow technology .
For reference, the stable power consumption of ELNAS-250 is 2 kW/h, and the stable power consumption of ELNAS-460 is 4 kW/h.

About the actual machine tour and demonstration of the rapid drying furnace [ELNAS-250]

We have a demonstration machine for the rapid drying furnace [ELNAS-250] in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Antom Corporation demo room photo

Customers can bring the solvent they are actually using to our company (Shin-Yokohama head office) and demonstrate it using the actual rapid drying oven [ELNAS-250]. If you are a customer, please shout out once.

Also, when measuring the temperature profile, please bring your own reflow checker or use our own reflow checker, so please feel free to contact us. is.

In addition, we will always have a preliminary meeting before the demonstration. (Available face-to-face or online)

Customers who want the price and quotation of the ELNAS series

If you would like to know the price of the ELNAS series, or if you would like a quote, please fill in the necessary information in the form below and contact us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the ELNAS series.

After confirming the contents sent by the customer, our staff will contact you again.

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