ANTOM Co., Ltd. also proposes heating furnace peripheral equipment such as nitrogen (N2) reflow and reflow checker, focusing on small reflow of 2 m or less.
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Compact model for small reflow furnace (heating furnace) N2 [UNI-3116H]

Compact model for small reflow furnace (heating furnace) N2 [UNI-3116H]

Compact model for small reflow furnace (heating furnace) N2 [UNI-3116H]

Dimensional external view


Basic specifications

Number of zones 3 heating zones / 1 cooling zone
Heating method Upper hot air + far infrared heating / lower far infrared heating method
Maximum set temperature Upper 320 ℃ / Lower 350 ℃
Effective board width 50~160mm
Transport method (selection type) Pin chain transfer / mesh transfer
Transport speed 0.1~0.5m/min
Effective height of parts Top surface 10mm / Bottom surface 10mm
Oxygen meter Equipped as standard
supported language Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean
PC outlet 1 piece (100V)
Board mounting allowance 4mm
Path line 900±20mm
Input power supply AC200V 3φ 8.6kVA 25A
Device dimensions※( ) is for mesh L780(1,000)×D795×H1,285mm
Device weight 140kg


Maximum set temperature change (upper 350 ° C)
Memory card (100 types can be saved)
Automatic width adjustment mechanism
Through type anti-slip mechanism (elevating type)
Overheat prevention device
Board drop sensor
Oxygen concentration controller
N2 all zone supply
N2 all zone sampling
Low oxygen concentration specification (100ppm or less)
Cooling enhancement unit / cooling chiller
UPS (non-disruptive power supply)
Power transformer
Doorway conveyor extension
Circulation fan stop detection
Hood interlock
Emergency stop button position change
Reflow checker (profile measurement unit)
Various cooling conveyors and transfer conveyors
Change paint color

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